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Efficiency of Agricultural Product Expo
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Phu Yen Industry and Trade Expo in 2023 is organized by the Department of Industry and Trade in collaboration with the CIAT Advertising & Trading Joint Stock Company (CIAT) from the 13th to the 19th of July in Tuy Hoa City with over 200 booths to promote, introduce, and honor agricultural products.

The "Good Farmer in Production and Business" Club guided by Phu Yen Province Farmers' Union selected 28 typical agricultural products to participate in the Expo, such as: Nguyen Hanh bamboo and rattan products ; sedge mats of the An Cu commune traditional craft village; lotus embryo tea and lotus seed powder of business household Pham Thi Bich Thuy; Faimy9 nutrition cereal in Hoa Phong commune; Ms. Muoi fish sauce in Song Cau ...

The Club's booth was visited and purchased by hundreds of delegates and customers, and they were introduced and informed of the phone numbers to serve transaction by representatives of the Phu Yen Province FU, the leaders of the Club, and cooperatives.
The agricultural products participating in the Expo have provided opportunities and new directions for businesses, cooperatives, and business households in order to create a closed loop production chain for safe and sustainable agricultural products.
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