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Lai Chau provincial Farmers’ Union: Many positive results from the cooperation program for the period of 2016 - 2022
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Recently, the Provincial State Bank of Vietnam in the province, the Provincial Farmers' Union (FU) and the Provincial Women's Union held a conference to summarize the cooperation program for the period of 2016 - 2022, continuing to sign cooperation program between units for the period of 2023 - 202

Mr. Mua A Tru - Chairman of the Provincial FU and Mr. Nguyen Van Luan- Director of the State Bank's provincial branch signed the cooperation program
Accordingly, in the period of 2016 - 2022, the State Bank of Vietnam's provincial branch has directed the provincial Social Policy Bank; branches of the provincial commercial bank to actively coordinate with the Provincial FU, the Provincial Women's Union in promoting the dissemination of mechanisms and policies on monetary, credit and banking activities as well as direct, supervise and urge the provincial Social Policy Bank, the provincial Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development to coordinate with the Provincial FU and the Provincial Women's Union in implementing activities to support and enable farmer members to get loans under Decree No. 55 of the Government, amended and supplemented documents lending to the poor and other policy beneficiaries.
The banks have supported and enabled farmer members of the provincial FU and Women's Union to access favorable credit sources in order to develop production, business, service, economic development, then increase income and improve their good life; cooperated in directing, inspecting and supervising the FU, Women’ Union and credit institutions in the locality in credit investment for agricultural and rural development. The loans are used effectively based on regulations for the right purposes.
As of April 30, the FU at all levels in the province have entrusted Agribank with loans and its outstanding loans of VND 171,117 million, lending to 1,534 households through 121 loan teams; entrusted lending of the Provincial Bank for Social Policies; the outstanding loans reached VND 971,522 million, with 15,519 households borrowing funds through 415 Savings & Credit groups. The coordination with the Social Policy Bank in collecting due debts, interest and mobilizing monthly savings has become more and more effective, the overdue debt has decreased (currently accounted for 0.06% of total outstanding loans).
On the basis of the achievements, the FU and Women's Union agreed to sign a program to coordinate with the State Bank of Vietnam's provincial branch in implementing credit policies for agricultural and rural development in the period of 2023 - 2027 with three main contents including: Effective implementation of the policies and laws for credit activities, social policies, credit for agricultural and rural development and other types of credit; coordination in organizing activities to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of the national comprehensive financial strategy, focusing on financial education for members of the Union, contributing to limiting black credit, strengthening information sharing, closely coordinating in communication work on the activities of the two sides, social security work and other coordination activities.
Also at the Conference, the State Bank of Vietnam's provincial branch presented Certificates of Merit to 08 collectives and 12 individuals who had outstanding achievements in the implementation of the cooperation program in terms of credit policies for agricultural and agricultural development for the period 2016 - 2022.


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