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Opening ceremony of Professional Training Course on VNFU Work for Chairpersons of FU at commune level
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This morning, June 19, in Hanoi, the VNFU Staff Training School held the Opening Ceremony of the Professional Training Course on VNFU Work for Chairpersons of FU at commune level. Ms. Cao Xuan Thu Van, VNFU Vice Chairwoman, attended the Opening Ceremony and directed the training course.

Ms. Cao Xuan Thu Van, VNFU Vice Chairwoman, spoke at the Opening Ceremony

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Ms. Cao Xuan Thu Van expressed her pleasure when the trainees, who are VNFU officers, were present in large numbers to participate in the training course. At the same time, she commended the VNFU Staff Training School leaders and teachers for being dynamic and creative, step by step innovating methods and content, which is most clearly shown through the increasingly professional and quality teaching and training materials.

The VNFU Vice Chairwoman emphasized that if the VNFU wants to strongly develop, the School must be strong. Therefore, the School needs to continuously promote the methods and approaches to train the officers with the most interesting and useful content. The VNFU officers should broaden their vision to receive the knowledge to be worthy of being leaders to guide members and farmers in order to develop the agricultural economy as the backbone of the national economy.

According to the training course program from June 19–23, the participants will be equipped with basic knowledge about: Working methods of the VNFU officers; dissemination work of the VNFU; the VNFU with reconciliation work at grassroots level; oral communication skills; the organizational construction and the inspection of the VNFU; building a collective economic model and participating in linkages in the value chain; the VNFU with the implementation of the Regulation on supervision and social feedback; and socio-economic activities of the VNFU.

The training course aims to update knowledge about the guidelines and directions of the Party, policies and laws of the State related to agriculture, farmers, and rural areas, and practical skills for the VNFU officers that meet the requirements and tasks of the VNFU in the current period.

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