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Vice Chairman of VNFU Dinh Khac Dinh worked with the Acorn program delegation of Rabobank, Asia Forest Cooperation Organization
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(VNFU Portal) – This afternoon, July 3, in Hanoi, Vice Chairman of VNFU Dinh Khac Dinh had a working session with the Acorn program delegation of Rabobank, the Asia Forest Cooperation Organization.

On this occasion, Vice Chairman of VNFU Dinh Khac Dinh gave an overview of the organization of the Vietnam Farmers' Union. Vice Chairman Dinh Khac Dinh said: VNFU is a socio-political organization of the Vietnamese peasant class. The organizational apparatus of VNFU consists of four levels with functions of gathering, propagating, educating and mobilizing members and farmers to promote their ownership, actively study to improve their qualifications and capacity in all aspects; take care of and protect the legitimate rights and interests of members and farmers; organizing service activities, consulting and supporting farmers in production, business and life...
At the meeting, the delegates discussed the project implementation and the current situation of granting and trading carbon credits…

The pressure of reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions increases globally. At COP21, more than a hundred countries committed to the Paris Agreement and set ambitious climate targets, and at COP26 nearly 200 countries worldwide set zero net emissions targets. According to the analysis of many experts, 50-80% of the cost of carbon removal under the Paris Agreement can be achieved through the exchange, offsetting of carbon credits. Competition for carbon credits will heat up, mandatory emissions reductions will increase, and regulations will become increasingly tighter in the near future.
At the meeting, Mr. Harm Haverkort - Head of Asia Partnership Department (Rabobank Acorn) introduced about the Acorn program under Rabobank, the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization.

Rabobank is a large bank in the Netherlands that has a cooperative program to build carbon sequestration projects in agriculture and forestry. This program is called the program Acorn – Agroforestry CRUs for the Organic Restoration of Nature (Agroforestry Carbon Removal Units for Natural Restoration) – Acorn for short, to support the process transition to agroforestry through additional financing from voluntary carbon markets, helping to combat climate change and land degradation.

“This program has partnered with and built 10 agroforestry projects around the world that have earned more than 200,000 carbon credits. At the same time, commit to purchasing at a minimum carbon price of 20 EUR/carbon credit. The program wants to build many projects in Vietnam and we want to cooperate with the Vietnam Farmers' Union because the program wants to work with organizations that have a reputable relationship with large-scale small farming households” said Mr. Harm Haverkort.

Vice Chairman of VNFU Dinh Khac Dinh hoped that after the meeting, the two sides would develop a memorandum of understanding to specify the proposed contents, as a basis for implementing and replicating the project model in the near future.

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