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Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU), established on October 14th 1930,  is a social – political organization of Vietnamese peasantry under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). For many decades, VNFU has been playing a key and central role in farmers’ movements and building new-type rural areas.

VNFU members are farmers who are 18 years old upwards; irrespective of sex, ethnic group, religious beliefs; and work in such fields as agriculture, forestry, fishery, salt making, handicraft, small industry, services and other fields within Vietnam territory; comply with VNFU’s Statutes, voluntarily apply for its membership and approved by the grass-roots executive committee of VNFU.

The Sixth National Congress of Deputies of VNFU, term 2013-2018

- Gathering, mobilizing, and educating members, farmers so that they can bring their ownership into full play and become active in learning to improve their capacity;
- Representing the peasantry to participate in building the CPV, State and national unity block;
- Taking care of, defending legal and legitimate rights and benefits of farmers; organizing services, advisory, supporting activities for farmers in production and daily life.
- Educating staffs, members, farmers on the guidelines issued by the CPV; policies, laws issued by the State;
- Mobilizing, gathering and playing a key role in organizing farmers' movements for economic, cultural, social, national defense and security development; and taking care of the material and spiritual life of farmer members;
- The Union at all levels to be an active member in the political system  to implement policies, laws, socio – economic development programs set by the State in rural areas;
- Uniting, gathering farmers into the Union, developing and improving quality of members;
- Participating in building a strong and sound CPV and Authority;
- Participating in the supervision and social feedback in accordance with statutory regulations;
- Timely reflecting the thoughts and aspirations of farmers to the Party and the State;
- Protecting the legitimate rights and benefits of farmer members;
- Expanding people’s foreign relations.

- Participating in formulation, dissemination of policies, laws, and legal support for farmer members;
- Organizing the transfer of scientific and technological progresses to farmer members;
- Creating capital for farmer members, especially the poor ones to develop production and business, etc.;
- Guiding and supporting the development of collective economic forms such as cooperative, cooperative group, etc. among farmers;
- Providing vocational training and job assistance for farmer members;
Farmers field schools
- Organizing activities to introduce and promote products for farmers to get access to markets;
- Participating in building rural infrastructure;
- Participating in rural environment protection; improving awareness, knowledge of environmental protection, adaptation to climate change for staff, farmer members;
- Providing training for staff at all levels;
Training on Policy Advocacy for VNFU Staff
- Participating in security protection and national defence in rural areas;
- Formulating, implementing international projects; hosting international workshops, training courses, exchange visits to share experiences at regional and international level.

  1. The emulation movement of farmers for good production and business, solidarity in the mutual assistance to get rich and alleviate poverty sustainably
  2. The emulation movement of farmers to build new-type rural areas
  3. The emulation movement of farmers to participate in ensuring national defense-security




Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU)
No. 9 Ton That Thuyet Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
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