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Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development releases 10 outstanding agriculture events in 2018
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(Dan Viet) On 04thJanuary, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development released 10 outstanding agriculture events in 2018. This year, overcoming many difficulties, challenges due to disasters and technical protective barriers of importing markets, agriculture branch has made numerous new records: the highest growth rate over the past 07 years, export turnover over 40 billion USD.

1. GDP on agriculture, forestry and fishery has increased by 3.76 %, the highest rate over the past 07 years. The abovementioned growth rate illustrates the creativity and renovation in administration and breakthrough in Ministry and the whole branch’s discretion from the very first day of the year, overcoming the difficulties in weather fluctuation and the price fall in agriculture, forestry and fishery products in the market.

Vietnam and EU officially enter VPA/FLEGT agreement, inducing new opportunities for forestry branch. Image: by VGP
2. Export turnover of agriculture, forestry and fishery products in 2018 is over 40 billion US dollars, increasing by 9.6 % compared to the year 2017 (the Governmental target is 36-37 billion USD, the Ministry’s target is 40 billion USD), achieving the highest rate ever with the markets of 180 countries and regions.
3. National Assembly passed Cultivation Law, Breeding Law. Up to now, there have been 07 laws passed in agriculture and rural region, including: Cultivation Law (2018), Breeding Law (2018); Irrigation Law (2017); Forestry Law (2017); Fishery Law (2017), Veterinary Law (2015), Protection and Plant Quarantine Law (2013)

Agricultural products export in 2018, which fruits export attains the impressive turnover. Image: by I.T

4. In 2018, the number of new agricultural enterprises is 2,200, increasing by 12.3 % in comparison with the year 2017, which lifts up the total number of agricultural businesses to 9,235 ones, the highest number ever. The nation has built and developed 1.096 linking chains (going up 350 ones compared with the year 2017), 1,426 products and 3,147 safety controlled outlets.
5. Reviewing, cutting down, simplifying 173/345 business investment conditions (equals to 50%); reviewing, standardizing, publishing agricultural products marked HS from 7,698 to 1,768 ( decreased by over 77%), switching specialized check from pre-check to post- check; eradicating the situation of one items under the management and check of numerous authorities; 13 TTHC connects to Vietnam national single window; 18TTHC delivers public services online at level 4.

Program on building new countryside has gained fruitful achievements. Image: by I.T

6. In the nationwide scale, there are 3,787 communes (42.4%) and 61 districts meeting new countryside criteria, the average rural household revenue is approximately 130 million dongs, which is respectively  1.71 folds and 3.5 folds compared with the years of 2012 and 2008, reaching over the target.
7. Putting an end to exploiting woods in natural forests; the productivity of planted forest wood and distributed plants nationwide is 27.5 m3 and the forest coverage reaches 41.65%, the highest percent since the unification (1975)
8. Viet Nam entered into Voluntary partnership agreement on forest law enforcement, governance and trade (VPA/FLEGT); negotiated regulations to remove IUU yellow card as soon as possible.

For the first time, Vietnam has self-produced vaccine type O on foot-and-mouth disease as a result of 20 years of research. Image: by I.T

9. For the first time, Vietnam has self-produced vaccine AVAC-V6 FMD Emulsion type Oon foot-and-mouth disease, one of the most dangerous infectious disease on cattle.
10. In 2018, despite that disasters occurred in complicated ways, the damage was minimized thanks to synchronized governance, following 4 at local policy (human loss reduces by 43 %, material damage equals to 33% of the year 2017)

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