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The roles of farmer members in successfully implementing the "dual goal"
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In the first half of 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers and members in the whole country tried their best to successfully implement the Call of the Vietnamese Party General Secretary and President, directives of the Prime Minister, actively carried out the "dual" goal: both preventing, fighting against epidemics and keeping production, business activities, ensuring social security as well.

Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Central Party Committee, VNFU Party Secretary, VNFU Chairman is giving presents to the Fund for COVID-19 prevention and control at the office of Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee
VNFU from the central to grassroots levels have actively disseminated and mobilized officials, farmer members to raise their responsibilities under the direction of the Politburo and the Party Central Committee's Secretariat on prevention and control COVID-19 pandemic, strictly implement the Prime Minister's Directives on measures to prevent and control it.
VNFU Standing Committee issued documents on directing and guiding the FUs at provinces and cities to intensify the implementation of propaganda measures to raise awareness and responsibility of its officials, farmers and members for prevention and control of COVID-19.
Moreover, FUs have actively cooperated with the Party Committees, authorities, the Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations and local health sectors to implement effectively preventive measures.
The press and media agencies of FUs at all levels and its officials, especially at grassroots levels, have been proactively disseminating and updating new accurate and timely information on the pandemic from the official sources of information to the officials and farmer members.

Besides, the local FUs coordinated with the organizations and local functional agencies to focus on mobilizing farmers to implement disease prevention and control measures, especially strictly implementing the social distancing activities.
Thereby, the roles and responsibilities of VNFU and each official, farmer member in organizing the implementation of measures to prevent and control diseases, protect and improve health of themselves and the community have been promoted; the spirit of vigilance and fight against organizations and individuals who give inaccurate information, causing confusion, affecting farmers' production and lives has been uphold.
Farmers have made significant contributions to the socio-economic development, overcoming difficulties with the growth rate of 1.81%. In particular, agricultural production in some localities has achieved high growth rates and become the ultimate solution for the country's economy.
The VNFU Steering Committees of the emulation clusters on FU activities and farmer movements have strengthened the direction, monitoring, encouraging, guiding and supporting grassroots FUs, its members and farmers to well implement the movements of good farmers in production and business, the development of cooperatives and cooperative groups associated with building the Profession Farmer Branches and Groups.
The last but not least, the security - politics, social order and safety in the rural areas have been maintained. Rural appearance continues to have many innovations. The economy has developed in the direction of increasing industry, services and greening. The tradition of solidarity and sense of community responsibility in the rural areas continues to be promoted, especially in the last anti-COVID-19 epidemic campaign.


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