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Tra Vinh: Established 120 cooperative groups and 5 cooperatives
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(VNFU Portal)- The Standing Committee of the provincial Farmers' Union (FU) continues to direct FUs at all levels to focus on propagandizing and mobilizing members and farmers to participate in developing economic models, cooperative groups and cooperatives with the aim to gather and mobilize farmers to promote their role as subjects in agricultural production, creating competitive agricultural products, ensuring quality, safety and traceability, etc. As a result, 5 cooperatives and 120 cooperative groups have been established.

Members of cooperative groups and cooperatives regularly visit and learn experiences inside and outside the locality

FUs at all levels have promoted the development of farmers’ professional branches and groups to renovate the contents and operational methods of FUs at the grassroots level in order to improve the capacity of farmer members in agricultural production and business. FUs at the grassroot level gathered 14,141 members to participate in activities at professional branch and group levels; established 194 model professional groups with 2,383 members in total; FUs at district, town and municipal levels directed the establishment of 18 new farmers’ professional branches with 508 members, adding up to the total of 33 professional branches with 1,202 members and maintaining the operation of 01 branch of Faculty of Agriculture and Fisheries - Tra Vinh University with 44 members.
FUs at all levels also continued to propagate, consolidate and improve the quality of activities of farmers’ existing professional branches and groups in the orientation towards developing into cooperative groups, cooperatives and enterprises. FUs at district, town and municipal levels guided the establishment of 05 new cooperatives with 146 members and FUs at the grassroot level guided the establishment of 120 new cooperative groups with 1,382 members on the basis of developing from farmers’ professional branches and groups.

Due to the diversification of forms of propagating, advocating, gathering and attracting farmers, in the last year, 3,927 new members were admitted, reaching 112% of the target assigned by the Central VNFU, adding up to the total of 128,744 members in the whole province, accounting for 92.8% of the total number of agricultural households. 

Through meetings and activities of professional branches and groups, professional training courses on the work of the Union, vocational training classes, club activities, seminars, contests and through farmer members’ production models, etc, FUs have conveyed and communicated to officials, members and farmers a lot of information, with the propaganda contents to be compiled, shortened and concretized by FUs at all levels in accordance with the tasks of each locality. As a result, there were 2,091 propaganda events with the participation of 39,729 members.   

FUs at all levels mobilized to establish 18 professional branches with models of growing citrus, growing high-tech crops, growing crops in a safe direction, raising cows and goats, well implementing the "5 self" and "5 together" criteria which were set out in the Resolution 04 by the Central VNFU. As a result, a large number of members and farmers participated, contributing to the restructuring of the agricultural and rural economy, effectively implementing the local economic development. 

Thanks to effective propaganda works, FUs have also established models such as: Club of "Farmers with 3 good things"; economic models, cooperative groups and cooperatives. The models of professional groups and household economies were effectively invested by the Farmers’ Support Fund at all levels and the Bank for Social Policies.

The movements have had a positive impact on the national target program on new rural construction such as socio-culture, national defense and security; rural environmental protection model; associated with science and technology transfer activities to build and develop economic models, service activities to support farmers in the direction of production cooperation, contributing to reducing production costs, increasing incomes and improving the life quality of farmer members.

FUs at all levels determined to use economic benefits as the driving force to gather farmers into the FUs' organization in order to improve the quality of activities of branches and groups. Therefore, the role of FUs has been highly appreciated by authorities at all levels, and the FUs' prestige in the political system has been raised, attracting the participation of farmers, strengthening trust and creating cohesion between FUs and members, contributing to the development of a strong Party and government. 
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