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VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung visited an imported Boer goat farm
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On August 25, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung - Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Central Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union visited the DTH FARMT goat farm (DTH Vietnam Technology Development Co., Ltd.) in Dong Anh town (Hanoi). This is a large-scale goat farm in Vietnam with a herd of more than 5,000 goats.

Mr. Thao Xuan Sung visit goat shelter in DTH FARRMT’s farm
Large-scale goat farm
On sharing with the delegation, Mr. Tran Quang Huy, manager of DTH FARMT goat farm, said that being the largest goat farm in Vietnam, the DTH FARMT goat farm currently has the scale of raising more than 2,000 parent goats for reproduction and more than 3,000 goats for meat which are mainly fatten with available grass, leaves on the farm along with the treatment for goats with medicinal plants.

"Located at number 47, block 7B, Dong Anh town, Hanoi, with an area of 15 hectares, DTH FARMT is the owner of a large imported goat farm in Vietnam. Of which, there are 950 purebred Boer goats for reproduction imported from Thailand, South Africa. All goats have traceability records, ensuring good growth and reproduction", Mr. Quang Huy revealed.
Mr. Quang Huy added that Boer goats are originated from South Africa, suitable for fast growing in Vietnam climate. Goats grow from 5 to 7 kg  per month on average, reach maximum growth up to 150 kg, but about 40-50 kg is the most effective weight for sale.
In particular, Boer goats get high selling price, delicious meat quality, carcase ratio of 40-50%, so raising Boer goat will bring 2 times economic efficiency more than raising normal goat (mountain goat).
According to Mr. Quang Huy, up to now, the goats on the farm have been well protected from diseases, got good quality of reproductive goats. Annually, the farm supplies to the market more than 1,000 breed and commercial goats, in which, the farm's breeding goats are always strictly managed by records, vaccines, care procedures, growth level, fertility, traceability ...
Regarding goat care, Mr. Quang Huy added: In order to raise goats for high economic efficiency, in addition to the quality assurance of the parents, the reduction of input costs is very important. important. Accordingly, the goats on the farm are being raised according to a closed high-tech process.
Specifically, 80% of goat feed is grass grown on farms to reduce input costs and diseases. Goat's manure waste is collected and sold to the ornamental plants, orchids.
In terms of disease prevention, the farm is always well done. Goats often suffer from coughs and diarrhea, which are cured with farm-grown medicinal plants to reduce input costs and delicious meat quality.
In particular, with the scientific design of the barn, the goat pens are divided into many cells, with each cell suitable for each type of goat. Along with that, the system to collect manure, troughs in the goat stable is also designed simply, suitable for a worker to raise 200 breeding goats.
In addition to breeding, the company also has a trade promotion department to develop brands, sign contracts for consumption of domestic and export products.
Need to replicate the model
The first time visiting the DTH FARMT goat farm, the head of the Central Vietnam Farmers Association was surprised by the scale and number of goats raised here. "Through visiting, I found that the goat farm was very methodical, the barns were designed very scientifically.
In particular, with the large scale of raised goats, the farm still ensures a very good process of preventing diseases for livestock, growing medicinal plants to care for and prevent diseases for goats, wild boars and wild chickens on the farm. also very unique ", Mr. Thao Xuan Sung affirmed.
Mr. Hoang Thang, leader of DTH Vietnam Company, said that after many years of breeding and trading breeding goats and commercial goats, the farm is now linked with more than 3,000 farms and satellites in the provinces. city ​​in the country. Along with that, the farm also coordinates with the Farmers' Association in some localities to implement a linkage of sustainable goat farming.
"Recently, we have coordinated with the farmer association of Lap Thach district (Vinh Phuc) to provide breeds and techniques for 2 households with a scale of about 30 goats / household. Up to now, these 2 households are taking care of, The goat herd development was initially successful. According to the plan, the farm will continue to replicate the model of association with people in many provinces to get rich together ", Mr. Thang affirmed.
Appreciating the efforts and efforts of DTH Vietnam Company in building a linkage model to help farmers in the provinces and cities to raise goats and wild boars to achieve high efficiency, the head of the Central Farmers Association Vietnam suggested that the company leaders should continue to implement the model of linking, providing breeds, building and completing the curriculum of raising goats, wild boars and wild chickens to provide and train people in the local. Especially ethnic minorities in the Northern mountainous provinces have the opportunity to escape poverty and get rich.
Also at the meeting with the leaders of DTH Vietnam Company, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung wished that in the coming time, leaders of DTH Vietnam Company would continue to coordinate with Vietnam Farmers’ Union in implementing the project "Developing professional branches and groups of Vietnam Farmers’ Union" in localities.
"According to the plan, this year the Association will build 18 branches of the Association of Professional Farmers in the provinces and cities. In order for the Professional branches to operate effectively and in the right direction, we hope to have support. support in teaching knowledge, experience, production techniques, animal husbandry as well as support for breeders and product sales by leading enterprises in relevant fields, "said Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union. 

At present, the DTH FAMRT goat farm is implementing a model linking goat farming with great supportive policies such as:
• Support for science and technology transfer.
• Support with design advice on housing.
• Supporting cultivars of medicinal plants planted to treat diseases for goats.
• Support to breed earthworms as food for goats, to treat manure.
• Seed risk support and warranty.
• Loan support 50% capital
• Signing contracts in output purchasing for partners with stable listing price / year.
Commercial Address: Head office DTH Vietnam Technology Development Company Limited, No. 9 Dong Bat, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi.
Farm address: No. 47, block 7B, Dong Anh town, Hanoi
MOB: 091 699 0008

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