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Dien Ban Town: Over 63 integrated farms generate billions of annual incomes
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The movement of good production and business farmer, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction at Dien Ban Town (Quang Nam Province) has been playing an important part in forming several efficient production models and development models for household economy. Through the movement, thousands of farm-households in Dien Ban have sustainably gotten out of poverty, and many models have brought in high revenue.

Many high income generating models
Mr. Nguyen Van Thua, Chairman of Dien Ban Town FU, said that in the last 3 years (2014-2017), the movement of good production and business farmer, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction had been growing stronger and stronger in quantity and quality among farmers. And one of the achievements of this new-style rural town is the success of the aforementioned movement which helped the town’s economic restructuring towards industrialization, said Thua.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thua addressed that in the future, levels of FU would actively improve their role, focus on education and vocational training, and support farmers in cooperation with related parties in production and consumption, etc. Their target was set to be 10-15% of the number of good production and business households at all levels increasing; 1-2 households of each unit able to get out of poverty, etc.

The formation of models of plant and livestock restructuring in Dien Ban continues to reach many major achievements in both production areas and productivity of year-round plants. Currently, Dien Ban Town is owning almost 1,000 ha of planned paddy fields; dozens of specialized fields generate high productivity, thus farmers growing rice are making stable income with actual profit.
Particularly, at communes already forming large-scale specialized crop fields, speacilized crop areas for sweet corn, chili, pea, etc. are making 100-120 million dong per ha per year at three communes of Go Noi, Dien Tho and Dien Phuoc.
Also, there are many efficient livestock farming models in commune of Dien Thang, Dien Phuong Dien Minh, Dien Ngoc, etc. bringing in an annual income of 80-150 million dong per household.

Currently, in Dien Ban, there are over 63 integrated farm economic models with annual income of 1.5-3 billion dong and net profit of 150-200 million dong per farm. These farms have been creating jobs with stable income for thousands of labors.
Dien Ban currently has 146 ha for freshing water fish farming with more than 200 fish farming models such as red tilapia farming model, crucian carp farming model, eel farming model, etc. bringing in a fairly high income of 150-400 million dong per model every year. After quite some time that the model of reforming mix garden and developing economic garden were put into practice, now the area of reformed gardens has surpassed 1,600 ha all over the town. Furthermore, economic gardening models integrated with vegetables farming are expanding and making an income of 100-250 million dong per year. 
Continue to promote the movement
“The achievements of the movement of good production and business farmer, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction in Dien Ban are firstly due to the leading of levels of Party Committee, the efficient management of the authority, organizations and sectors from communal to grassroots level. That concern and guidance have directly impacted a major part of farmers making them want to improve their lives”, Mr. Nguyen Van Thua firmly said.
Mr. Nguyen Ut, Vice Chairman of Quang Nam Provincial FU, shared that the movement of good production and business farmer, union for enrichment and stable poverty reduction in Quang Nam Province in general and Dien Ban Town in particular had become a part of the local life, met the aspirations of local farmers and the requirements of socio-economic development task during the modernization and industrialization of agriculture and rural areas.
According to Ut, at Dien Ban, a town owning many advantages of resources, soil, hard-working labors, levels of FU in collaboration with related sectors had been guiding and implementing the movement harmoniously and effectively. One of the best examples should be mentioned was that the movement was getting bigger and bigger, and heading towards safe and organic farming which would meet the needs of the market and consumers, etc., said Ut.
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