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Quang Ninh to reduce poverty sustainably
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Quang Ninh Province has set a target to the year of 2020 to make extremely hardship hamlets and communes no longer be subjects of Program 135 - the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction.

In order to realize this target, the province is concentrating all of its resources to invest in building essential infrastructure, promote production development and improve living standards for people.

Quang Ninh Province attempts to reduce number of poor households by 0.7% per year.

For quite some time, the plan “Missions, solutions to help most hardship communes and hamlets complete Program 135, term 2017-2020” has been taken seriously by the province following the directions of the Government, Prime Misnister, Central Steering Committee of National Target Program for Building New Countryside and Sustainable Poverty Reduction. Its local authorities and sectors have made many efforts to implement programs harmoniously as planned, thereby achieved positve changes.

Particularly, the province takes budget allocation for all levels as priority so that authorities can take the initiative in their actions; and as the result most infrastructure-related projects are currently in progress, communes and districts have become able to identify proper agricultural production models and key agricultural products based on their strengths.

According to the report of Quang Ninh Provincial Department of Ethnic Minority Affairs, by the end of September 2017, the province had disbursed 115.476 billion dong (58.9%) out of 196.055 billion dong; supported 3,018 households in production development with 22.846 billion dong (equivalent to 76% of budget).

Districts have allocated 80.117 billion dong (49.05% of the budget) for 144 constructions, 121 (90.97%) of which are in progress; financially supported 352 poor households in building houses including 128 houses which are finished and 84 houses which are currently under construction.

The new countryside program of the province has been focusing on evaluating current state; improving quality of communes met new countryside criteria; introducing crucial documents, mechanisms and policies to pave the way for tasks in the term of 2016-2020.

With poverty reduction program, the province concentrates on implementing programs and projects to achieve targets of lowering the average percentage of poor households at an annual rate of 0.7%; solving unemployment for 20,000 labors, which includes creating new jobs for 13,500 labors, and fulfilling 72.7% of 2017 plan; conducting enrollment for 29,880 persons in vocational training and fulfilling 90.55% of 2017 plan.

Recently, at the conference for evaluating 9-month implementation period and identifying key tasks for this year’s 4th quarter regarding the plan “Missions, solutions to help most hardship communes and hamlets complete Program 135, term 2017-2020”, Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee, Nguyen Duc Long demamded levels of local authority to continue to propagandize every single household through organizations, unions of political system; boost communications such as bringing internet connection to communes, expanding and improving mobile signal range in areas that had poor or no signal, increasing the number of people who had access to telecast in mountainous and border areas, bringing electricity to rural residents. The Chairman also required districts to focus on disbursement as well as assuring the quality and efficiency of investments; proactively mobilize private capital, especially loan from banks, and support from sectors, organizations, individuals and communities during the implementation period of the plan.

“To the Sustainable Poverty Reduction Program, local authorities, sectors and agencies need to focus on detailed solutions and assignments to fulfill the target of 2017”, Long demanded.
With practical and synchronized solutions, the poverty reduction in Quang Ninh in the following years would likely achieve its targets, help improve the life of people, and boost economic and social development of the province.
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