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The 2017 “Farmers’ Competition” is exciting and entertaining
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 “Farmers’ Competition” is a big event organized by VNFU taking place every five years ever since 2002. Based on the success of previous competitions, this year, VNFU continues to hold the 4th “Farmers’ Competition” with the theme chosen to be: “Vietnamese farmers: Solidarity - Creativity - Integration - Development”.
This year, VNFU in collaboration with Binh Dien Fertilizer Join Stock Company and Telecom Services Development Join Stock Company holds the competition in 63 provinces and cities. The final tournament is to take place from August 1st to October 1st with 4 regional competitions, semi-finals and finals. The content of the competition includes 5 rounds which are Farmers’s Greeting, Let’s answer the question; Who’s the better; Farmers’ Idea; Farmer vs. Farmer
Nearly a month after the tournament started, 3 out of 4 regional competitions have been successfully organized in Tuyen Quang City (Region I), Thanh Hoa City (Region II) and Can Tho City (Region IV). All of the competitors spent months to prepare for the competition and as the result they were able to give their best performance, create an exciting and entertaining atmosphere among farmers all over the country. People may think it would be a challenge to the competitors as this year’s competition comprises 2 new rounds that are “Farmers’ Idea” and “Farmer vs. Farmer” but it’s actually a chance for them to prove themselves through their wide knowledge, skills and creative ideas.
As being asked about their thoughts and feelings about the competition, competitors said that it was very entertaining, exciting, intense and refreshing and gradually became a playground and a place for farmers to exchange knowledge and experience. Furthermore, competing at the competition, there were also elderly farmers ages 55-67. This can partly prove how appealing it is.
With these initial results, the Organizing Committee of the competition highly evaluates the tremendous change in the quality of this year’s competitors and hopes that the competition will become a big success.
Until now, 6 semi-finalists have been identified through regional competitions. They are Lai Chau team and Tuyen Quang team (Region I), Thanh Hoa team and Hai Phong team (Region II), Can Tho team and Tien Giang team (Region IV). These teams together with another 2 winning teams of Region III will compete against each other in the semi-finals taking place in Danang City for a spot in the finals.
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