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Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union (October 14th, 1930 - October 14th, 2020): Awarding Certificates of merit to 63 excellent Vietnamese farmers in 2020
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(VNFU Website) – On October 12th afternoon, in Hanoi, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Framers’ Union (VNFU) Executive Committee Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dinh Chaired the meeting and welcame 63 delegates "Excellent Vietnamese farmers 2020" from 63 provinces all over the country. Attending the meeting were representatives of leaders of the VNFU departments and units; representatives of provincial and city Farmers' Unions; leaders of the organizers and sponsor representatives of the "Pride Vietnamese Farmers" Program.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dinh expressed his delight to receive the delegation and affirmed that 2020 is the eighth year that the Vietnam Farmers’ Union presides and coordinates with other departments and related agencies and ministries to organize the "Pride of Vietnamese Farmers" Program. It can be said that the program has really made good marks, recognized and appreciated by the Party and State leaders and received good social and media effects. 63 typical examples of "Excellent Vietnamese Farmers 2020" are all individuals with the most outstanding achievements in all three major emulation movements launched by the VNFU.

Vice Chairman Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dinh expressed his delight to receive the outstanding farmers delegation
After 8 years of organization, the Program "Pride of Vietnamese Farmers" has voted, honored and awarded titles to nearly 500 members and farmers across the country. These are really typical members with excellent achievements in all three major emulation movements launched and implemented by the Vietnam Farmers’ Union.
In particular, these are the most beautiful flowers voted among a forest of beautiful flowers. 63 excellent farmer examples are also representative of the model of the new generation of farmers, a period of dynamic, creative and influential 4.0 farmers, bringing real essential benefits for the community. Up to now, many effective models with high socio-economic value have appeared in many localities throughout the country and are continuing to be concerned and replicated by agencies and authorities at all levels.
Outstanding farmers are selected and honored across all production sectors. From cultivation; breed; integrated farm; aquatic products; agricultural production, processing and trading; inventions; new rural construction; protect national security etc.
“I believe that the examples of the peasants praised here come from many different regions, but they all have to go through hardships and hardships to achieve these today successful achievements. 63 Excellent Vietnamese farmers 2020 are truly beautiful flowers, embellishing the tradition of hard work, creativity, courage and resilience of Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese farmers in particular ”- Deputy Chairman Nguyen Xuan Dinh said emotionally.

Outstanding farmer Mr. Pham Khac Nhat Tien (from Bac Lieu province) expressed his best wish to the VNFU leaders
Speaking at the meeting, good farmer Mr. Pham Khac Nhat Tien (from Bac Lieu province) emotionally recalled the difficult and strenuous journey when he determined to establish his career. He said: Not resigned to failure, he persistently learned to know how to apply new technologies in shrimp farming and came to success. Currently, his family's fish and shrimp model is developing stably with cultivated area up to 30 hectares; the output is about 300 tons/year; Average revenue from the model reached 10 billion VND/year.

Proposed to the leaders of the VNFU, Mr. Tien expressed his wish that all levels of the Union would continue to pay attention and support their members and farmers to promote the development of high-tech models; especially addressing issues of capital, infrastructure, science and technology. At the same time, members and farmers need vocational training to help improve their qualifications, grasp knowledge and keep up with the trend of high technology, apply into production, help increase output and economic value of models.

Good Farmer, Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn (from Núi Thành district - Quảng Nam province) shared his experiences in building successful specialty farms
Good Farmer, Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn (from Núi Thành district - Quảng Nam province) happily said: For many years, he has been very interested in raising the specialty (gazebo). Passionate about the startup path he has chosen, he also writes more than 5 scientific topics, which are now recognized by the central and provincial levels.

Touched when it came to the initial time to start building a model with only 15 million dong as capital for a difficult start-up. Being interested by all levels of the Farmers’ Union in the province, timely facilitate and support to help him borrow capital from the Farmer Supporting Fund from 30 million VND to 50 million VND and recently, the provincial Farmers’ Union considered to lend 500 million VND, his family had a turning point in life.

Having capital in hand, after 10 years of determination to rise up to build a model, the total capital obtained from the models is estimated at 20 billion VND/year with the family's specialty farm of over 30,000 m2. On the farm, in addition to growing fruit trees and growing vegetables, he also focuses on raising specialties such as Dong Tao chicken, sand lizard, termite, star chicken etc. In addition to developing family economy, Mr. Tuan also has the spirit of sharing and helping other farmers. Every year, he spends 20% of his total revenue on charity, the purpose of continuing to support other members and farmers is to get better together in life.

Mr. Tuan also expressed his recommendations: It is known that by 2020, the effect of the Conclusion 61 of the Secretariat and Decision 673 of the Prime Minister will end. Therefore, we hope that the VNFU will continue to make recommendations and suggestions to the leaders of the Party and the State to consider it necessary to maintain or issue similar policies so that VNFU can increasingly support more members and farmers to develop their economy, thereby replicating many good models from the Farmer Supporting Fund.

Receiving the comments and proposals of the farmer delegates, Vice Chairman of the VNFU Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dinh acknowledged and shared with these concerns. It is hoped that 63 typical farmers will become the typical nuclei in the process of building the model of collective groups, cooperatives, farmers clubs to create pervasiveness widely more and more among members and farmers.

On this occasion, 63 "Excellent Vietnamese Farmers 2020" were honored to receive Certificates of Merit from VNFU Central Executive Committee.

These are also the delegates who will be honored at the Ceremony to honor and award the title "Excellent Vietnamese Farmer 2020" in the Eighth Vietnam Farmer Pride program in 2020 taking place in the following night (13/10) at the Guest House Hall of the Ministry of National Defense and broadcast live on Vietnam Television. The event was attended by representatives of the Party, State, Government, Vietnam Fatherland Front, central and local departments, ministries and related agencies.

Some pictures at the meeting:

Vice Chairman of the VNFU Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dinh and delegates respectfully offer incense at the worship room of President Ho Chi Minh 

Mr. Phan Van Tam - Marketing Director, Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, representing the sponsor pledged to accompany the long-term program so that more and more good farmers will be honored.

63 "Excellent Vietnamese Farmers 2020" was honored to receive the Certificate of Merit from the VNFU Central Executive Committee

The Representative of Excellent Farmers gave a meaningful gift to the leaders of the VNFU
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