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Lai Vung district (Dong Thap): Launching ceremony to collect plant protection drug waste
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On the morning of July 19, Dong Thap Provincial Farmers’ Union (FU) held a launching ceremony to collect and transport after-use plant protection drug packages in Lai Vung district. The representatives of the Provincial and District FU, branches in the district and officials, farmer memebers in Vinh Thoi commune (Lai Vung district) attended the event.

The ceremony took place in Vinh Thoi commune to launch a movement of mobilizing farmers to become the "center and core" to effectively participate in environmental protection, contributing to the implementation of environmental criteria in new rural construction; calling on all people to eliminate the habit of abusing pesticides, directly disposing of packaging and bottles containing pesticides after being used in the fields, canals, etc., polluting the soil and water environment and having direct impacts to the public health. Also, dissemination and raise the and responsibility in environmental protection, safe and effective production, associated with climate change adaptation in order to change behaviors affecting the rural environment, building a civilized lifestyle, contributing to the implementation of criterion No. 19 of the National Program on building a new countryside.
After the launching ceremony, more than 60 officials,, farmer members and people in the commune was divided into 05 groups in 05 hamlets. They went to the fields, canals, ditches... to pick up trash and collect pesticide waste, transported to the gathering place, weighed over 610kg to receive gifts of necessities with an amount of more than VND 3.5 million.

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