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Reducing plastic pollution together
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(VNFU  Portal) - This morning, June 5, in Hoai Duc district, VNFU in collaboration with the Hanoi People's Committee held a launching ceremony in response to the World Environment Day 2023 with the theme "The solution for plastic pollution”.

Vice Chairman of VNFU Dinh Khac Dinh spoke at the launching ceremony

Attending and speaking at the ceremony were Mr. Dinh Khac Dinh - Vice Chairman of VNFU; Nguyen Trong Dong – Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee; representative leaders of departments and units of Ministry of Natural Resources and Enviroment; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; leaders of departments and units of VNFU; Hanoi FU; representatives of departments, agencies, branches, the Fatherland Front of Hanoi city; leaders of the District Party Committee, People's Committee of Hoai Duc district and 800 officials, members, farmers in Hanoi…

The launching ceremony was broadcast live on the Fanpage of the Hanoi Farmers' Union, connected with 406 FUs in communes, districts in Hanoi city and on page with FUs of provinces and cities across the country...

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Chairman of VNFU Dinh Khac Dinh said: Over the past time, with the critical role in farmer movements, VNFU at all levels actively innovated the content, mode of operation, towards the grassroot level.

The Vietnam Farmers' Union has propagated and mobilized officials and members to actively participate in environment protection and organized many practical activities; launched the movements "Farmers join hands to protect the environment", "Farmers say no to plastic bags", "Farmers become green consumers", "Farmers refuse to use single-use plastic products".

Through activities, the awareness of officials, members and farmers about the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws on environmental protection and adaptation to climate change has been raised. ; forming a sense of responsibility, environmentally friendly living behavior, creating a new look in the countryside, building liveable villages with fresh, green, clean and beautiful environmental landscapes; building a new civilized and modern countryside.

In response to the World Environment Day 2023, VNFU has issued a document directing and guiding the FUs of provinces and cities to organize activities in response to World Environment Day. (June 5) and the month of action for the environment in 2023 to all levels of FUs and all officers and members of the Farmers' Union throughout the country.

At the launching ceremony, Vice Chairman Dinh Khac Dinh suggested that FUs at all levels across the country to actively participate in activities to respond to Vietnam Sea and Islands Week and World Oceans Day to promote propaganda activities, educate and mobilize officials, members, farmers and communities in coasted areas and islands to actively participate in sustainable development of the marine economy, protect national sovereignty over sea and islands, and contribute to the successful implementation of Resolution No. 36 of the Central Committee of the Party on the Strategy for sustainable development of Vietnam's marine economy to 2030, with a vision to 2045; promote farmers' movements to participate in environmental protection, build a bright, green, clean and beautiful environmental landscape, associated with the construction of new rural areas, advanced new rural areas, new rural area model towards a ecological agriculture, civilized farmers, modern rural areas; directing and guiding the FUs at all levels to build and replicate the effective models of segregation of domestic waste and plastic waste at source, effectively implementing the campaign "Fighting against plastic pollution in 2023" in a practical and effective way, creating strong effect to the awareness and actions of officials, members, farmers, putting the Party's guidelines, legal policies of the state on environmental protection into practice.

On behalf of the Hanoi People's Committee, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Trong Dong called on the people, members and farmers in the whole city to "Act for Green Environment, Clean Agriculture, Beautiful Rural Areas" and requesting authorities at all levels, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations, departments and agencies to focus on strengthening the guiding and directing; uphold the responsibilities of the heads of Party committees, local authorities, agencies and units in performing environmental protection tasks, identifying the task of environmental protection is an important task of the entire Party, people, army and the whole political system.

ice Chairman of the City People's Committee Nguyen Trong Dong praised officials, members and farmers in the whole city for their efforts in implementing many solutions to protect the environment, and called on people, members, and farmers all over the city to act for a green, clean and beautiful environment...

At the launching ceremony, Vice Chairman of VNFU Dinh Khac Dinh presented a sign to support the construction of a point model for Minh Khai commune FU, Hoai Duc district; The Hanoi People's Committee gave the signboard of supporting trash cans and garbage trucks to Song Phuong commune FU, Hoai Duc district.

Previously, at the lake area of ​​Song Phuong commune, Hoai Duc district, leaders of Vietnam Farmers' Union and Hanoi authorities participated in planting trees, launching farmers' trees activities; donated trash cans, garbage trucks and implemented cleaning environment activities...


World Environment Day 2023 was launched by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) with the theme of Solutions to Plastic Pollution, with a focus on the campaign Against Plastic Pollution. The theme of World Environment Day 2023 aims to strongly convey the message and build a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature; rational use of natural resources, biodiversity and adaptation to climate change; control and solve plastic waste pollution through policies and initiatives and participate in global and regional cooperation mechanisms; towards a greener lifestyle; cleaner; increase recycling and reuse; promote green economy, circular economy and sustainable development.

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